16 Reasons Why You Should Eat a Plant-based Diet

I usually have folks make these claims to me:

“I must have my meat”, “I do not see how you get it done, though you look good”, “I could not get it done, I want the grease of mine (referring to chicken, pork fried foods and fish)”

“You actually have become small…are you alright?” (With their perception that i have lost weight).
And this is when i haven’t actually changed from my original body weight of 57kgs but only dropped my excess flab on a clean plant-diet and gained some muscle instead.

I typically answer politely with a pleasing smile and I do not normally say much, unless the individual shows real interest. Lord knows, I am not in the offending type.

But inside I’m yelling, “you can accomplish this, in case you wish to, you do not have to consume meat…that’s a choice of yours.”

I look great due to the manner in which I eat…you ought to give it a shot.

The grease will give you a heart attack!

People think that being on a high cholesterol, high sodium, high sugar diet is cool and think that’s healthy? Who are you kidding? Am I supposed to be overweight and even like it?

These individuals that believe you cannot consume a raw or plant-based food diet (whole plant-based diet ideally), need to realize that it can be done.
Granted, it’s not simple!
But you can gradually change you diet a little everyday, and after a month you will find that you have come a long long way from when you started.

Replacing Animal-based Groceries with Plant-food
That is how i started. I realized that i was over-consuming animal-products and slowly looked through all my meals and the items that i consume. I planned my meals and replaced most of my meat with alternates. I still had some little non-vegetarian snacks to get me through the week in case i got the munchies. But for most part i got more fruits, vegetables, cottage cheese and some meat alternatives like tofu, jackfruit and even got small packets of plant-based sausage.

I had decided and wanted to take the leap.

You might thing that these alternatives are absolutely unpalatable but that’s not the case. Although slightly different in texture and flavour, for most part they seemed the same to me; I was even kind of glad that i was trying out new things and enjoying them too!

Meanwhile, I devised a summary of reasons why I was considering eating a vegetarian/plant-based diet based on my studies and research. The advantages of eating a vegan diet plan are enormous.

Below are 16 reasons why you must consider eating a plant based diet NOW:

1. Helps purify and detox your body-removes excess of anything.
2. Helps immensely in Weight loss!
3. Helps control calorie intake-achieve your perfect weight!
4. Lowers Cholesterol.
5. Lower Blood Pressure.
6. Feel more energetic and clean.
7. Boosts Immunity!
8. All body functions happen with ease ; Regular bowel movements, like clockwork LOL!
9. Better body metabolism!
10. Increased consumption of good calories with high nutritional value.
11. Lower risk of cardiovascular disease
12. Lower risk of prostate, breast, along with additional cancers
13. Lower risk of developing chronic ailments (diabetes, , cardiovascular disease etc)
14. Look younger; plant-diet has components that retard aging of tissues.
15. Live Longer; Increased overall life expectancy!
16. Clear skin; all those breakouts will be a thing of past!

Your health is the money of yours!

You can read more detailed information about why you should eat a plant-based diet here and its benefits here!

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I’ll be back with another though inspiring piece soon!